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On the surface it appears that they are coping fine – an older couple in their 80s, bright, cheerful, getting out and about, active at their local community centre and taking part in breakfast clubs, bingo and trips.  But look beneath as one of our occupational therapists (OTs) did and you’ll find they’ve been struggling with day to day life and making the best of a difficult situation.

Their social worker put our OT in touch with the couple because Mr Haynes who has rheumatoid arthritis was struggling to get up out of his chair.  The OT agreed he needed a highback chair and sorted this for him.   As part of the assessment , the OT also discovered that this couple were struggling with their bedtime routine.  Mr Haynes’ arthritis made it extremely difficult for him to make it upstairs and Mrs Haynes, who is also quite frail herself was pushing him up the stairs.  Quite a dangerous situation!  We arranged a Disabled Facilities grant with housing services for a wet room and a stair lift to help make their bedtime routine easier.  Their social worker also put them in touch with our welfare rights service to help them get all the right benefits.

This team effort to help Mr and Mrs Haynes (names have been changed) cope a bit better at home has meant they can continue to enjoy their busy social life with a bit more piece of mind about their day to day tasks.

We’re also working as a team to help social workers gain the knowledge they need to assess  people for various small pieces of equipment, like raised toilet seats, bath boards, walking sticks.  OTs are giving social care staff detailed training on how to assess for these simple pieces of equipment so that people can get the help they need more quickly and the OT team can focus on more complex cases where more time and effort may be needed.

Go team!